Typical ACC Operator Interface


The Flight Data Processing (FDP) system, locatedin the Area Control Center or Tower, is a Computerized Advanced AutomaticAir Traffic Control System, based on the use of state-of-the-art computernetwork technology.

The FDP system consists of a Local Area Network(LAN) with several operating workstations connected to the network.

The system allows air traffic controllers to storeand update information for each flight, perform automatic calculations,route flight information and print specified flight strips at a designatedworkstation.

Flight strips are printed automatically at specifiedintervals (determined by the supervisor) to give the controllers up todate information on the flights in progress. In addition, the system performsthe following functions: 

  • Produces reports for all active flights;
  • Prints flight strips for a selected flight on request;
  • Sends an ATC messages to adjacent ACCs;
  • Searches and displays flight plan and supplementaryflight information;
  • Stores an unlimited number of flights within the system;
  • Archiving of flight data; route data and transmittedmessages to a magnetic media

Workstations have access to common flight datastored on a high speed duplicated disk located on the main File server.Disk mirroring duplicates an entire physical volume on a second hard disk.If the original disk fails, the duplicate (mirror) takes over automatically,without any loss of important data. In addition, An optional hot standbyis available in case the main server goes down completely.

In addition to the dual mirrored hard disk approachused on the main File server, a duplicated standby server, connected tothe main File server by a high speed link, is ready to be put into serviceautomatically, should the main server be taken out of service. Sophisticatedsecurity features are in place to prevent unauthorized user access.

With the FDP software, the controllers are ableto view, modify, activate and cancel flights that have been assigned totheir control, and to print flight progress strips displaying this information.

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