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ATC Tower & Area Control Center (ACC) consolesare custom designed work stations used by Air Traffic Controllers. Thetower consoles are built of steel or aluminum, and finished with two coatsof paint. All operator positions consist of a number of 21" wide consolesections, fastened with standard hardware. Each console section is capableof housing standard 19" wide panels.

The general size, shape, and layout of the operatorpositions are designed for optimal controller comfort, maximum visibility,and maximum flexibility to fit the avaliable space. Two of the more popularATC console configurations selected by our customers are: linear, and "U"-shaped. 

Typical ATC Tower or ACC consoles include the followingitems:

  • Console sections, and writing desk tops, end panels,drawers, footrests, blank panels, AC/DC distribution, and internal wiring.
  • Voice Communication and Control Switching (VCCS) equipmentas per the radio receive/transmit channels, intercom, telephone, PABX,and hot line requirement as detailed user specification documents. Thecommunications equipment includes footswitches, headsets, microphones,handsets and speakers. A telephone desk set is also provided.
  • Dual flight strip trays (minimum 30 strip holder capacity),flight strip storage device, and flight strip holders.
  • A Crash Alarm System with pushbutton protection againstaccidental operation.
  • Illuminated writing areas and overhead map display.
  •  Meteorological display units (Wind Speed, WindDirection, Barometric Pressure and Runway 'in use' Panels).
  • Digital clocks (hours/minutes/seconds, military 24hour format) for UTC time, and synchronized to GPS or Master Clock.
  • The console design provides space and integrationfor a Navaids Status Panel (ILS, VOR, DME, NDB as applicable), and a runwaylighting control panel.
  • Air Traffic Controller chairs.

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