Welcome to Audor Communications Inc.


Audor Communications Inc. (ACI) is a private Canadian company which has been in the business of designing and manufacturingAir Traffic Control (ATC) systems since 1979. During this time wehave developed a reputation as a reliable company with satisfied customersaround the globe. 

ACI's ATC systems are operating in the airportsof many countries, including Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Liberia, Algeria, Nepal,United Arab Emirates, Ghana, Malaysia, and fourteen Caribbean Islands. 

ACI was established in 1979. The principal staffare experienced professionals who have provided realistic and cost effectiveAir Traffic Control (ATC) solutions to domestic and international clients. 

Our Mission is to provide top quality "turnkey"ATC systems at competitive prices, without compromising service and quality.As well as designing and manufacturing our product, we offer installationassistance, training, and commissioning.

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